Sprint Program

Turn your performance to new heights.

Sprint Program

Turn your performance to new heights.

Turn your performance to new heights in this 8-week program for startups

Powertrain Ventures finds that startups thrive when sessions are tailored to their specific needs and receive top quality, on-demand, stage-specific acceleration services. 

Our Sprint Sessions

Below are the categories you can choose from each session. 


  • • Product Development
  • • Agile Implementation
  • • Quality Assurance
  • • Tech Stack Evaluation


  • • Sales Deck Development
    • B2B Partnership Outreach
    • GTM Strategy


  • • Investor Outreach Strategy
    • Pitch Deck Design
    • Financial Indicators Advisory


  • • Digital Marketing Campaign
    • Social Media Content Strategy
    • SEO Advisory


1. Application

Submit a detailed application outlining your business models, value proposition, and team expertise.

2. Results

After reviewing your application we will let you know in 7 business days if you're accepted in the Sprint program.

3. Program

The program lasts for 2 months, check our next rolling admission in the Application Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program remote or face-to-face?

Although our headquarters is in Monterrey, Mexico. the sprint program is fully remote.

Yes, building a startup is difficult. We believe that for you to make the most of the Sprint program you need to be 100% dedicated to your startup.

The commitment for the Sprint will be 1-2 hours a week in all. The program is built for founders running a startup full time, so there isn’t much “work” to do outside the 1 on 1 weekly session.

Full sprint payment is due before the program begins.

The Sprint program is an equity free program that is 8 weeks long. Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one meeting focusing on a specific area of your choice — be it technology, sales, finance, or marketing — that you wish to concentrate on for your startup.

Powertrain Ventures thesis focuses on founders that are building impact ventures. Although we work with a majority of our startups in LATAM, the Sprint program is open to startups globally.

Yes, you are able to apply, but we prefer/recommend that startups have at least 2 co-founders that have complimentary skills.

Yes, you can apply with just an idea. It helps if you have some product developed and/or some sales.

Once you submit the application, we will review the Sprint application internally, and will reach out within 7 business days.