KPI Management
Knowledge is power. Turbocharge your product and company strategy with the full picture.
Engagement metrics

The stuff of traction.

Unit Economics

Talk real money to me.

Objectives & Key Results

Team performance and guidance.

Engagement Analytics

Successful management of digital products requires a data-driven approach to decision making. We help you setup the 

  • Site traffic
  • Visitor statistics
  • Active users per time period
  • And more.

Unit Economics

SaaS and other type of startups need performance metrics that truly describe their operations and finances. Traditional accounting is not enough for most purposes.

  • Define which engagement, acquisition, revenue or cost metrics you want to follow
  • We’ll help calculate at their historical and current levels as well as forecast desired goals into the future and which levers to pull to get there
  • Keep track of this information going forward with minimal drag on your day-to-day operations

Objective & Key Result (OKR) management

This powerful methodology ties down long term goals with the performance and actions required to meet them. 

  • Our software helps you set and track OKR progress among your whole team
  • Company and team cascading objectives
  • Key results and corresponding actions

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