Recent highlights from our work in venture building.

Venture building innovation app

Our very own Powertrain App is an innovation toolkit that allows for distributed teams to reap the benefits of proven methodologies such as Design Thinking sprints, OKR goal management, Business Model Canvas, and helps navigate through the highly iterative processes of early stage startups.

Market & User Research, Design Thinking, UX/UI, Software Development

Service design for expense management

Together with the Factio team, we enabled a productive venturing partnership to renew the expense invoicing process that is traditionally complex and broken apart, with the vision of offering users a simplified experience.

Market Research, User Research, Service Design

Digital Transformation for Photography Studio

We worked with Sosa Junior, longstanding leader in the photography community, to enable a rapid response to social distancing guidelines and allow a collaboration with academic institutions in producing the traditional yearbook.

User research, UX/UI, Digital product development

Bespoke M&A Data Rooms

CuartoData was launched as personalized deal room solution company that allow clients to whitelabel their data sharing experience and post business intelligence reports and visualizations for their stakeholders.

Market Research, Product strategy, UX/UI, Software development

Fundrasing in the last-mile delivery space

Together with the Derby team, we analyzed trends in VC investments, relevant for this high-growth startup Derby to devise a fundraising strategy within this promising subset of logistics plays

Market research, financial analysis

Digital platform for creative & strategic consulting teams

Project management & CRM platform that enables users to track progress and communicate with their teams with speed and impact. 

Market Research, Product strategy, UX/UI, Software development

Web Presence For Food Industry Player

We joined forces with the Fruta Caprichosa team to launch their corporate website and communications strategy enabling them to reach to a wider retailer, restaurant and final customer base.

UX/UI, Software Development

EdTech Platform

Unicem provides independent retailers with POS technology and a practical educational program, and provides data analytics to the top consumer goods companies in the market. We developed their corporate website, digitalized operational processes and built their LMS.

Product strategy, UX/UI, Software development

Product strategy

We ideate, design and build digital products and services that disrupt & improve our daily lives.

Corporate strategy

We  have robust capabilities regarding fundraising, financial analysis, unit economics and M&A dynamics

Partnership by Stages


We focus on identifying key opportunities in market trends and user behaviour that will lead to successful ideas through the use of research and design methodologies


We employ rapid prototyping tools to sprint-to-market, allowing us to validate essential underlying assumptions in our MVP's strategy


We fine tune our our product and operational strategy by devising a data-driven understanding of the key drivers to get to our objetives