Impact Startup Studio

Our Story

Powertrain Ventures is a startup studio helping early-stage startup founders launch and grow their businesses from an idea in their heads and into the real-world. Through our acceleration program, we are able to support multiple founders at once and create and expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem globally.

We have extensive experience working with startup founders in fintech, proptech, contech and life sciences including healthtech, foodtech and edtech. However we are open to working with all impact startups with exponential growth potential.


We adhere to lean and agile philosophies and setup these new organizations in ways that they constantly validate market signals and user engagement in order to prioritize focus on the highest-value activities and not waste time and other resources on our way to building world-class ventures.

Impact Venturing

Our practice focuses on promoting new businesses with a positive social vision and impact.

As we launch, grow and promote new ventures, we create new realities for everyone around them. The way they impact society has enormous consequences and we chose to take a disciplined stance in collaborating with entrepreneurs whose work and vision adheres most closely with our own values:

  • Equality
  • Sustainability
  • Freedom


One way to better understand more about the goals we pursue is through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through these 17 goals we believe that our own values are very vividly exemplified and thus choose to work with entrepreneurs leading projects in the same direction.