Impact Startup Studio

Human centered

It’s anthropologic nature means we observe how people act vs. just making assumptions.


Top companies and schools use and teach this well-researched process to produce hit after hit.

Accesible for all

No previous training required for team members to be valuable contributors to designing new solutions.

Prep work

We connect with your team to set the groundwork to get things moving

  • Preliminary research
  • Direct interviews
  • Written reports that serve as common-ground starting point for all team regardless of previous involvement

Guided Workshops

We have extensive experience leading in-person or remote workshops with your team and key external stakeholders

  • 1 or 2 day sessions
  • 4 to 12 people

Interactive App

Keep record of all the work that goes into these sessions through the use of our very own Powertrain App.

  • Create and manage design sprints
  • Covers all stages of Design Thinking process plus OKR and other tools
  • Great for remote teams

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