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Building a Better Community

Our strength lies in connecting individuals within our extensive network, including founders, industry experts, investors, and othersThis rapid linking fosters collaboration, allowing everyone to contribute significantly to both business and society.

Ecosystem Partners

Mentor Network

Ale Buendía

An key player in the venture ecosystem, with a background in journalism and entrepreneurship, she is a skilled communicator and agile leader. Her expertise in innovation makes her an asset to organizations looking to drive growth and success. ​

Tero Moliis

A multi-talented business advisor, edtech & gamification specialist, keynote & TEDx speaker, and game designer author of “Life is a Sandcastle”.​

Pablo Alvarez-Tostado

A versatile professional with experience in design thinking, scrum, ERP integration, and data analysis. he excels in creative problem-solving and always focuses on solutions.​

Matt Carli

An experienced professional with expertise in innovation, global business development, startups, and market strategy. His work in ConTech and PropTech is very extensive and ranges from some of the fastest growing startups to established multinational corporation

Sara Segundo

An EdTech expert with a focus on innovation thats brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She is a valuable asset for anyone pursuing learning-related ventures.

Rich Peniche

A versatile designer who excels in holistic problem-solving, creating comprehensive solutions in branding, marketing, collaborating seamlessly with engineers to deliver stunning products.

Guillermo Baus

An experienced general manager with expertise in project planning, supply chain management, and logistics. He excels in driving process improvements for increased efficiency and profitability.​

Juan Manuel Sepúlveda

Experienced with helping companies with logistics operations achieve a successful digital transformation. Extensive experience in Supply Chain, Business Development and Innovation.

Technology Partners

Our Commitment

In the face of the ever-increasing speed of technological advancements, we remain vigilant in monitoring emerging sectors and the visionary leaders driving progress. Our unwavering commitment remains constant: we are dedicated to serving founders, ensuring that technology remains a driving force for positive transformation in Latin America.


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